At Döttling, we take the term “handcraft” literally. Because our quality safes are actually made quite traditionally by hand. When the passion of our restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters, and security specialists coalesces with the requirements and preferences of our customers, an individual masterpiece is created that captivates generations due to its functionality and beauty.


Before a masterpiece of engineering art is created, thorough planning is first required. In a sense, one could say that before the handwork comes the head work. At Döttling we have technological and planning expertise going back four generations, which – together with our customers’ preferences – flows into development, resulting in singular pieces.


We have been working in the tradition of classical German locksmith artisanry since 1919. Even today, each and every Döttling product passes through the nearly 100-year-old gates of the Döttling manufactory in Maichingen.


For our gold-plating work, our specialists invariably use 24-karat gold leaf in the shades desired by the customer: nuances ranging from white and red gold to antique gold. Gilding decorative fittings is a laborious and time-consuming handcrafting process.


Whether the finest calfskin, zebra skin, bird feathers, or ray skin – there is hardly a material that our master saddlers have not yet handled. In order to do full justice to the fine materials, each hide is hand-cut to be later edge-beveled, sewn, and worked by hand as well. Only one factor plays no role at all in the finishing of a genuine Döttling object: time.