From military-grade vault doors to ballistic & fireproof jewelry safes, Brown Safe Manufacturing has been the leading premium safe manufacturer for over 35 years.

Brown Safe is the top manufacturer of high-security luxury safes and vaults. We also offer a wide range of standard safes, and lead the industry in custom-built solutions. We sell direct to the customer. For those demanding the highest in quality, security, and convenience, our luxury lineup is sure to please.

Brown Safe Manufacturing has designed and built the world’s finest security products for over 30 years. Each one of our high security safes is made to offer the utmost in performance and protection. Everything we build is made in the U.S. by our highly skilled craftsman and overseen by the owner and founder, Frederick Brown, himself.

We take great pride in producing top-notch luxury safes, gun safes, and vault doors that continually prove to be more than capable of withstanding harsh abuse and the daily demands of governmental agencies worldwide, military applications, and foreign embassies, along with the needs of celebrity clientele and hard-working homeowners alike. Our extensive product line has been developed over our many years of experience and through a hands-on approach with the end user. This ensures we have the perfect high-security storage solution for whatever your needs may be. Any security product we manufacture can be custom-tailored to fit your individual requirements and personal style. Additionally, if you have a specific vision that goes beyond our available product line, then we can create custom safes to fit your exacting specifications. Start designing the perfect solution for your needs today by visiting our home safe page. Creating world-class safes is our passion and we settle for nothing less than creating the best safes and vaults available worldwide. Please enjoy having a look around our website and learning more about us, our safes, and safeguarding your treasured valuables.






Our safes set the standard in luxury and security.

Our family name is on the front of each safe, and our family has made a steadfast commitment to manufacture an incredible product that you can depend on and pass on for generations.

Each one of our safes is meticulously crafted in our Vista, California headquarters using the most advanced engineering and manufacturing processes, and when we say that it is made in the USA we mean exactly that. We start with sheets of solid steel, wood and leather, and our craftsman weld, stitch and plane those materials into a genuine one-of-a-kind piece of  highly functional art.

We are also relied on by the US government to defend against real world attacks in the most dangerous places in the world. Our safes and vault doors are installed in US embassies, military bases, and on naval ships the world over. With Brown Safe you gain the same advanced protection as our military-grade models, but with the refined materials and luxurious amenities worthy of a bespoke luxury product. Owning a Brown Safe will put you in a very elite class indeed.

our story

No fine print, just an honest promise that further sets each Brown Safe apart.

As a family run operation, we take the utmost pride in each and every safe and vault door we manufacture.

Simply put, we stand behind our work and guarantee every safe and vault door that leaves our facility meets our company motto of Built to a Higher Standard.
Every safe we produce carries a 50 year warranty. This covers the entire safe front to back, inside and out. It is a true 50 year warranty which covers the safe even if you aren’t the original owner. If you have a problem with your safe we want to hear about it, and we will make it right…period.

The bottom line is: You placed a great deal of trust in us when you purchased one of our safes, our family name is on the front of each safe, and our family has made a steadfast commitment to manufacture an incredible product that you can depend on.

full warranty

Brown Safe has built its reputation on providing the most secure safes and vault doors produced anywhere.

When you strip away the marketing hype, and deceptive practices, you will quickly realize that our base protection level exceeds that of many others’ top rated models.

We build beautifully crafted safes with a host of luxurious amenities and fine finishes, but first and foremost our safes are designed to protect your valuables. We refuse to use cheap formed sheet metal and try to pass it off as a real safe. We use thick plate steel, and lots of it, to ensure your valuables are actually Safe.

Brown Safe has built its reputation on providing the most secure safes and vault doors produced anywhere. That’s why our security products are relied on to protect sensitive information, advanced technology and personnel in US Embassies and Military bases around the globe.

Brown Safe products are forged from real world experience and cutting edge manufacturing practices.


We can customize any safe to reflect your individual style and personal desires.

Unlike most other so-called manufacturers, we build every aspect of your safe by hand in our facility. Consequently, Brown Safe is able to build your perfect safe without compromise. Do you need a custom size to fit a particular space? Perhaps you’d like your collection of valuables displayed in specific way, or need a selection of finishes that perfectly matches your existing decor. Brown Safe’s in-house designers and craftsmen have you covered.

From custom sizes and configurations to exotic finishes and fine materials we can create a truly one-of-a-kind safe tailored specifically for you.

Call us at (852) 2770-4398 and speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly designers to begin creating your ultimate safe, or use one of our helpful online configuration tools to design your own.


We build true safes using only the highest grade materials and cutting edge engineering

Making the claim, “We make the best safes, and vaults in the world” might sound like marketing hyperbole, but we at Brown Safe Manufacturing strive to prove that statement every day.

The Brown Safe philosophy is simple; Use the best materials, tools, and engineering practices available.

Brown Safe employs experts in every facet of the safe making process. Experts in welding, woodworking, leatherworking, and painting all have their place, and bring their mastery level experience, to produce your Brown Safe. This level of hand craftsmanship in a safe is unheard of in the industry, and exactly what sets Brown Safe apart.

All of this attention to detail and old world craftsmanship might lead some to believe that Brown Safe is somehow mired in the past, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Brown Safe is fitted with state of the art machining equipment and software with both artisans and engineers at the helm. Brown Safe utilizes cutting edge 3D software design and rendering along with laser cutters and CNC milling machines. All of this technology allows for precision and speed not only in new product development, but also in day to day production.