Medicines in the medicine cabinet, food in the pantry, clothes in the wardrobe, and books on the bookshelves. Almost all of our belongings have a specific place to store them, keep them organized, and safe from harm – so why would you leave your most personal and important goods, documents and files without protection or security?

Kaso is the world-leading manufacturer of tested physical security solutions, safes, fireproof fire safes, and filing cabinets to keep your documents, valuable items, and data safe and secure, no matter what life throws at them. We offer safes for home, office and commercial use.

All of our safes, fire safes and cabinets meet EU standards for fire protection and burglary protection and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. They are officially tested in the industry’s leading test institutes and we use ECB-S certification for burglary safes, fire safes and data safes. These guarantees are important to us, and ensure that the integrity of your belongings, documents, and data is maintained when you choose Kaso for your safe or fireproof safe needs.

If you don’t take appropriate precautions to keep your valuables safe, the results can be disastrous.

In the home, replacing damaged or stolen documents is time-consuming and bothersome, while trying to replace valuables, such as mementos and jewelry, can be costly and frustrating, or, in many cases, impossible. The loss of personal memorabilia can take an untold emotional toll, one that many would rather avoid.

From a commercial point of view, replacing lost files or data can have long-ranging and catastrophic effects. In a best-case scenario, it is a lengthy, expensive process to replace lost documents. In a worst-case scenario, you risk mission-critical documents and information, and face possibly litigious challenges to recover and amend the effects of lost data.

Kaso commercial safes – your options

The best commercial safes will offer you a variety of sizes, burglary classifications and uses to ensure you can safely store all kinds of commercial items. Data safes, fire safes and fireproof filing cabinets cater especially for information stored digitally or on paper, while our traditional fireproof safes provide a secure home for everything else.

Fireproof filing cabinets

For specific document and file protection, we recommend the Kaso fireproof filing cabinet range. These filing cabinets offer all the standard protections of our anti-fire safes, helpfully organized in filing cabinet format that can itself be configured to adjustable A4, legal, letter, foolscap or folio paper sizes. All fireproof filing cabinets adhere to NT FIRE 017 – 60 PAPER standards.

Data safes

Our fireproof data safe range offers theft and fire protection for your multiple data and media storage needs. In addition to standard fire and theft protection, using EN 14450 Grade S1 and NT Fire 017 – 120 diskette standards, these safes also offer additional protection from magnetism and water. They come in a range of sizes and fittings for assorted storage needs and all safes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

What to look for when buying a safe

When you buy a safe, the most important consideration is that the ability of the safe to protect your valuables from the possible threats has been independently verified and assured against high-quality global standards. It is one thing to claim a safe will keep your most prized possessions safe, but it is another to be able to ensure that what you claim is true.

At Kaso, all of our safes have the same important feature – they are always officially tested in the industry’s leading and approved test institutes and laboratories. We use ECB-S certification for our burglary safes, fire safes and data safes to make sure that our products can keep what we promise. Kaso safes and fire safes are tested either in Sweden according to the Nordic test – NT fire 017 or according to EN 15659 by ECB-S. The Kaso factory in Helsinki, Finland is audited several times a year both by our own auditing team as well as DNV ISO auditors and ECB-S auditors to ensure these high standards are maintained.

The integrity of your files, documents and data is of paramount importance and, here at Kaso, we’ve built a business ensuring it stays that way. When you chose Kaso, you are choosing the safest, most secure option for the storage of your belongings and the knowledge that we will always work to keep it that way.

Demand for secure storage and archiving of documents, data, and valuables is on the rise due to new legislation as well as distributed and more sophisticated archiving needs. Not only financial institutions but also other organizations and businesses are increasingly required to store material securely – sometimes for days, sometimes for decades.

Archive doors and vault doors

Kaso archive doors and vault doors can be installed to a wall of reinforced concrete construction or as part of a prefabricated strongroom. They protect valuable assets against a wide variety of hazards including fire, unauthorized access and forced attacks. The range covers vault doors tested for varying grades of protection and provides an array of options in terms of emergency exits, locking, alarm sensors and exterior design.

Strongroom, safe room and bank vault elements

Officially tested prefabricated strongrooms have replaced traditional concrete strongrooms, safe rooms and bank vaults in many banks, companies and institutions. Prefabricated strongrooms and vaults are also used in private panic room installations. The increase in their popularity is based on high security, consistent quality and certified burglary resistance. The strongroom, safe room or vault scope of supply can also be customized to meet individual project requirements.

Safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes

Kaso offers the widest range of standard bank safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes in the market, with two series, SLK-70 and SLK-90, of which the latter has passed tests by the Bankers Association. Both series offer several standard safety deposit box width options and standard bank safe deposit lockers for installation to bank vaults. Thanks to a variety of locking options, design alternatives and additional monitoring and safety deposit locker management solutions, the safe deposit locker solution can be fully customized to meet specific needs for various storage requirements.