• In 1944, Alfred Bachmann and Theo Gellin founded Kassakaappi Oy in Helsinki at Sepänkatu Street.
  • In the beginning, the company repaired damaged safes.
  • Alfred Bachmann redeemed Gellin’s stake in the company two years after the foundation of the company.


  • The company started to manufacture safes and moved it’s facilities to Sörnäisten rantatie in Helsinki.
  • During this decade company’s market share increased significantly and product range was extended.


  • Heikki Bachmann was appointed as a CEO of the company.
  • New factory was built to Suutarila in Helsinki.
  • Regular export deliveries to European countries started. A sales office was set up in Germany.
  • Export sales to the rest of the World grew rapidly.
  • The new Data Safe cabinets passed a two-hour fire-rating test were launched.
  • Clothes and locker cabinets became a part of the product range.


  • Kassakaappi Oy’s name was changed to Kaso Oy and the trademark was registered.
  • Development of new types of fireproof fire safes and filing cabinets with fire protection for both paper and data materials were developed.
  • The first common Nordic SFS-standard burglary tests for safes was created and accepted.
  • Kaso Oy buys Kaipio Oy, the oldest safe factory in Finland (founded in 1891). The company’s production methods and products were modernized.


  • Kaso America was set up in Miami, Florida, and the manufacturing of safes in the USA was started in Charlotte N.C.
  • King Hussein of Jordan purchased vault doors from Kaso.
  • Heikki Bachmann was elected as a President of the Finnish Employers’ Federation of Metal Industry (1982).
  • Kaso’s parent company, Kasola Oyj, was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on 16 December 1987.


  • The company employs more than 500 people.
  • Kaso Oy turns 50 years old.
  • The First Kaso Eurostandard safes came to market.
  • Kaso Oy’s quality system was awarded an ISO 9001 certificate.
  • The supply of vault doors to China.
  • Jari Bachmann was appointed as a Kaso’s Managing Director.


  • Kaso Oy developed, in co-operation with research institutes, BFP multi-layer technology, which allows producing lightweighted, yet high-security safes.
  • Number of new products were launched: Safe E-300 series (2000), Two-Hour Fire Safety Cabinets PK-400 Series (2006) and Keeps Series (2008).
  • Kaso Oy’s products were distributed to more than 100 countries.
  • With the acquisition, Kaso Oy left the Helsinki Stock Exchange and returned to a family-owned business of the Bachmann family.


  • Kaso launched Eurotested Kaso Guard security doors.
  • New products were launched: new lightweight vault doors and lightweight strongrooms
  • Launch of E-500 series design safe is launched, which provides a bank level of security for a home or an office.
  • Kaso is one of the world’s largest suppliers of strong rooms. Only to Middle East alone is sold more than 500 000 kg of strongroom elements for one single project.
  • Kaso has dealers in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Along with the dealers, Kaso’s direct customers include banks, governments and military, store chains, companies and private persons around the world.
  • Kaso is awarded an EcoStart Environmental Certificate.
  • Risto Palkama wass appointed as a CEO of the company (2018).

Kaso Oy is celebrating its 75 years anniversary in 2019 and is now the only manufacturer of safes in Northern Europe.
The company’s experience in manufacturing of safes has already been in existence for more than 100 years together with the acquisition of Kaipio Oy in 1978.
Kaso’s security solutions are sold to over 100 countries and Kaso is recognised and well-konwn as a manufacturer of high quality, reliable and tested security solutions all over the world.
Kaso is valued and trusted by all its partners, customers, authorities, even competitors, and looking forward to the future achievements and challenges!