Kaso in brief

Kaso offers tested security solutions for the protection of all kinds of valuables and data against burglary, fire and other possible threats. Kaso services are also prepared to advise on planning, installation, service and maintenance.

Kaso has over hundred years of experience in security solutions and our goal is a being the preferred supplier for our customers supplying always the best possible solutions and services.

Kaso security solutions are tested in compliance with the European standards (EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2, EN 1047-1, NT 017 among others) and they are approved also by the respective authorities and insurance companies.

The basis of Kaso business is a satisfied customer. Every Kaso employee is responsible for the quality of their work and its further development.

Our company´s values are:
• keeping the promises
• welfare, development of wide skills and responsibility of the personnel
• an openness towards all that is new, developments and change


Kaso has over hundred years of experience in safe and vault manufacturing. The roots of safe manufacturing date back to Kaipio Oy, which was founded in 1891 in Tampere, Finland. Kaso Oy, established in 1944, purchased the operations of its competitor Kaipio Oy in 1978.

Kaso is known all over the world from high-quality, realiable and trustworthy, certified security solutions. During the years we have supplied safes and vaults to leading institutions and goverments around the world.

For the finest, reliable and certified security solutions, please have a look at our products and contact us for more information.

Kaso values and operating policy

Customer service
Active and well-organized marketing together with good and fast customer service are the cornerstones of our business. We measure our service constantly in order to improve our operations.

Ongoing product development
We work in co-operation with customers as well as with the leading experts in our industry. We follow actively the latest developments in our field by participating, among other things, in the development of new standards. We also emphasize the meaning of standards, tests, certification, functionality and design.

The quality of our operations is based on ISO 9001 quality system. The manufacturing and the quality of our products is supervised by independent testing institutes performing regular inspections. Our manufacturing methods are efficient without forgetting the 100 years of experience in safe manufacturing. Every safe is checked and documented by a qualified Kaso personnel before shipping.

We pay particular attention to the production process by using the best possible machines and devices. Modern MRP system gives us flexibility to provide our employees with flexible working hours and company wide profit sharing plan. Lately we have invested more and more in automation and environmentally friendly production techniques.

Product life-cycle thinking
Kaso safes and vaults last for a lifetime. At Kaso, we think that sustainability, durability and quality are key factors in making security products. We build our safes to last for a lifetime and we do our best to provide maintenance, spare parts and help throughout the whole life-span of the product. As our customer, we’d like you to think about the lifespan of the product and its environmental impact. With Kaso, you have a safe bet in all aspects.

Ethics policy
Kaso has ethics policy, code of conduct, which defines how the ethical implications of its business and the company’s values and culture are managed. Management ensures that all relevant personnel are trained and aware of the ethical policies and practices as well as risks.

Environmental policy
Kaso has environmental policy, which defines how to manage environmental issues related to the businesses. Policy is a commitment to environmental protection, pollution prevention and compliance with environmental legislation.

Human resource policy
Kaso has Human Resource (HR) policy, which defines how to manage employees. Policy applies to the company and ensures that employees are treated with respect and dignity and with respect to local labour laws and recognized international labour standards (eg. ILO and UN conventions).

Suppliers, subcontractors and co-operation partners
Kaso requires business partners, subcontractors or suppliers to comply with laws and regulations. When setting up business relationship with business partners Kaso requires that ethical, social and environmental criteria are followed carefully and thrives to monitor the performance of business partners and to take immediate and corrective actions if ethical performance of business partners are not complying with these requirements.

Products, customers and markets

Our goal is to develop and supply world-leading security solutions:
• We test our security solutions according to the most demanding and modern tests
• We emphasize to functionality and ease of use in all our solutions
• We pay a lot of attention to design and co-operate with many top designers
• Kaso security solutions are very durable and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way

Kaso product range includes:
• Functional KEEPS -solutions
• High security security solutions – modular vaults (archive vaults to heavy burglary protection vaults) and vault doors
• Safes, fire safes, data safes
• Light security products – safe deposit boxes, cashiers boxes, security safe cabinets
• Clothing cabinets
• Service-, maintenance-, planning- and installation services (On request)

Our customers include:
• Private customers
• Companies
• Retail chains
• Service providers (money handling, transportation)
• Banks and institutions
• Building contractors
• Public sector (Public institutions as well as high security targets)