Kaso quality
Our all operations are based on ISO 9001 quality management system, which is audited regularly, both by in-house auditing teams as well as outside consultants. In addition to ISO 9001 auditing, security certification organizations and test institutes monitor our manufacturing processes and product quality regularly.

Our goal is to constantly improve our strategies, operation and customer satisfaction. By listening to our customers and constantly striving to improve, we are looking forward to be the preferred supplier of security solutions and services to our consumers world-wide.

Kaso quality values
• Clear goals and performance management in all our activities
• Priorization and concentration of activities
• Implementation according to schedules
• Constant monitoring and evaluation of all processes

At Kaso, we recognize the need for constant improvement of working methods and quality. We review the progress systematically and listen to our workers as well as our customers and are benchmarking the industry for improving the quality even further.

Testing and certification
All Kaso products have the same important feature – they are always officially tested in the industry’s leading and approved test institutes and laboratories. We use ECB-S certification for our burglary and datasafes to make sure that our products can keep what we promise. Kaso fire safes are tested either in Finland or Sweden according to the Nordic test – NT fire 017.

Kaso factory in Helsinki, Finland is audited several times a year both by our own auditing team as well as DNV ISO auditors and ECB-S auditors.