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Demand for secure storage and archiving of documents, data, and valuables is on the rise due to new legislation as well as distributed and more sophisticated archiving needs. Not only financial institutions but also other organizations and businesses are increasingly required to store material securely – sometimes for days, sometimes for decades.

Archive doors and vault doors

Kaso archive doors and vault doors can be installed to a wall of reinforced concrete construction or as part of a prefabricated strongroom. They protect valuable assets against a wide variety of hazards including fire, unauthorized access and forced attacks. The range covers vault doors tested for varying grades of protection and provides an array of options in terms of emergency exits, locking, alarm sensors and exterior design.

Strongroom, safe room and bank vault elements

Officially tested prefabricated strongrooms have replaced traditional concrete strongrooms, safe rooms and bank vaults in many banks, companies and institutions. Prefabricated strongrooms and vaults are also used in private panic room installations. The increase in their popularity is based on high security, consistent quality and certified burglary resistance. The strongroom, safe room or vault scope of supply can also be customized to meet individual project requirements.

Safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes

Kaso offers the widest range of standard bank safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes in the market, with two series, SLK-70 and SLK-90, of which the latter has passed tests by the Bankers Association. Both series offer several standard safety deposit box width options and standard bank safe deposit lockers for installation to bank vaults. Thanks to a variety of locking options, design alternatives and additional monitoring and safety deposit locker management solutions, the safe deposit locker solution can be fully customized to meet specific needs for various storage requirements.