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Best home and office safes

Safes are a useful and important thing to have. They can be used in both homes and offices since they can help you protect your important articles in both locations. There are many different kinds of safes and they all serve different purposes.

This article will discuss the benefits of such safes and elaborate on certain details that you should pay attention to when selecting safes, even as you compare some of the best home safe brands and best office safe brands.

Benefits of having a safe

Protecting your important belongings from damage

Whether you want to keep your expensive items or precious items safe, a safe can make sure that your items are protected in rough conditions, including natural disasters.

Many safes are fireproof and waterproof, which makes sure that your items will not be damaged in the case of a fire or flooding. Hence, with safes for the home, you can have better peace of mind that your important memories like photo albums and family videos are protected, especially since they are irreplaceable.

Stop burglary with safe

For both home safes and office safes, you can make sure that your valuable items like jewelry or money can be kept safe. Burglary safes with a secure lock will make it immensely difficult for burglars to access any of your valuables. This also includes important and confidential documents that you would like to protect.

With the best burglary safe, your information will be kept safe from being stolen. Specifically, for business safes, there is a kind of safe called a depository safe which is usually used to deposit larger amounts of money during the business day.

This allows businesses such as restaurants to keep the money that they get safe before they deposit it at the bank. This helps reduce the number of times they have to visit the bank to deposit money.

Lower Insurance rates

If you get a safe box, your home insurance rates will be lower since you will have a lower risk of material losses within your home. It’s always great to have a bonus saving while enjoying better peace of mind.

What to consider before you buy a home safe

Based on your needs, you may need to choose different kinds of safes with different functions. These variables will help you choose from amongst the best home safes.

Type of lock

Safes come with different types of locks. Mechanical locks frequently require periodic maintenance while electronic locks typically do not require that.

However, you may also worry if an EMP may render your electronic lock inoperable. If you are worried about EMPs, you should check if the manufacturer of the safe has added a lock with EMP resistance.

Generally, the most important thing you have to ensure when it comes to electronic locks is replacing the battery when necessary.

Type of safe

You should consider what kind of protection you would like your safe to offer. For example, are you more concerned about fire-protection or burglary-protection?

If you are trying to get a safe for burglary-protection, you should not choose a fireproof safe. Fireproof safes are great for protecting your valuables from fires but are not reliable in a burglary situation.

This is because the fireproof safes typically use not as strong barriers against burglary attempts and makes them more easily destroyed by burglars.

However, some safes might come with multiple functions. For example, Kaso Safes offers some models, like the Safe E3-508 for example, that are both fireproof and burglar-safe.

How portable the safe is

Home safes come in various levels of portability. Some are easily moved, some are wall-mounted and some are anchored.

If you are looking for a safe for burglary protection, consider ones that are not portable to ensure they are not easily moved and stolen.

In addition, European Certification Body for Security Systems (ECB-S) requires that tested and certified safes under 1000 kg need to be bolted or anchored to the wall or to the floor.

Size of the safe

Consider what you would like to put in the safe. Then, choose one that will fit the items that you want to store. This could potentially save you some money too, so you don’t purchase a safe that is too large or too small for your needs in the longer run.


With a home or office safe, you can have a peace of mind that your important articles will be protected. Whether it is for fire-protection, water-protection or burglary-protection, make sure you do your research and choose a safe based on your needs. For a small investment, you will be able to rest well knowing that your precious items are safe and well-protected.