Limited Editions

Limited Edition: Silver & Blue

Sleek silver and bright blue give this unique limited edition Chronos a stylish and modern feel.

The multitude of metallic surfaces add a subtle compliment of varying textures and visual interest between the titanium, stainless, aluminum, and silver finishes used throughout this luxurious Chronos watch safe. Top quality leather in royal blue adds a striking contrast upon opening the door of this modern marvel.

Select to adorn the drawer faces with the same blue leather used throughout the interior or add an additional element of contrast with carbon fiber to create the perfect eye-catching Chronos built just for you.

The limited edition Silver & Blue Chronos watch safe makes use of the highly reliable and highly secure X-09 lock. An electromechanical lock developed in conjunction with the US Government to meet their highest security standard. The X-09 lock is not reliant on external power of any kind, instead this self-powered dial lock only requires the user to twist the dial to provide all the power it needs to enter combinations and access features.

Standard Configurations

Chronos 4218

Interior Dimensions: 42″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior Dimensions: 48.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1350 lbs.

Starting at HK$635,780

4218 Spec Sheet

Chronos 6218

Interior dimensions: 62″ Ht. x 18″ W. x 16″ D.
Interior dimensions: 68.5″ Ht. x 24.5″ W. x 27″ D.
Weight: 1750 lbs.

Starting at HK$789,388

6218 Spec Sheet

* Fire and burglary protection ratings are consistent for both safe sizes, as is the selection of available features.