Buyer Beware! Are You Purchasing a Real Safe?

Above all else, safes are first and foremost about protection.

Sadly, the current safe market is oversaturated with inexpensive “safes” that provide no substantial protection. Outwardly, these safes can appear very robust, sporting massively thick doors with oversized locking bolts prominently protruding in all directions. Simply removing the door panel on these imposters reveals the ugly truth… The “massively thick” doors are household drywall panels wrapped in sheet metal, while the prodigious locking bolts terminate the moment they enter the door and are held in place by pencil-thin fasteners.

These “safes” can literally be pried open within minutes by inexperienced criminals using nothing more than a pair of common crowbars. Owning one of these safes is worse than having no safe, as the unit actually aids the criminal by grouping all the household treasures into one easy-opening storage box.

When you buy a safe, you’re entrusting the manufacturer of that safe with the most precious items you possess. You’re putting your faith in the builder that their claims of protection are true, that the safe you’re purchasing will adequately protect your cherished items to the best of that manufacturer’s ability. Those who routinely fabricate and sell these imposter safes do more than a disservice; they are committing the ultimate industry sin by abusing the buyers trust and exposing them to potential pain and heartache.

Brown Safe has never engaged in this practice, nor will we ever, and we are disgraced by those who do. We take great pride in producing the most rugged safes in the industry. We build every safe by hand in our U.S. factory.

For your own peace of mind, we highly recommend you spend the time to research prior to purchasing a safe, as the market is riddled with inferior units. While outrageously inexpensive or imported safes are a true cause for suspicion, high-priced luxury safes can be just as insecure as their cost-cutting counterparts. A very good starting point for safe research is right here in our Safe Buying Guide section. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with safes and their protection levels, you’ll understand why the flagship safe produced by the majority of manufacturers is where our base unit begins.


Frederick Brown – Owner, Brown Safe Manufacturing